Art Revolution - FAQ

Q: What is the goal of Art Revolution?
We are going to remake all the models, we'll keep VERY few of them, if any, and at least retouch everything. That includes the meshes and textures of every model in the game, and that's a lot of things. We do have a priority planning, that will be published in the AR topic;

Q: Is help needed?
A: We always have things to do, so any help IS welcome. The quality must reach certain standards, so a few tests are required before we get anyone to work with us. Anyone can ask such test at anytime, for me (Olrox), or simply post the work on the forums - I check everything very often so I'll notice anyone that's making a really good work, and an invitation will be made if the work's good. For more info see the Get-Involved page.

Q: When will be the next release?
A: We don't have release schedules of any sort. We can't afford to have such, especially because our team is very limited and we need inspiration and a large, continuous ammount of free time (usually 6 hours/entire model for me) to do a fairly good work, not taking into account post-release iterations of already made models;

Q: How is the AR mod Licenced?
A: The AR mod is released under GPL v2. Specific models may be released under CC0, like the truck model I've made: in this case, content is of public domain. That only applies to models that were released under CC0 by the choice of the creator artist. We only require that you attribute any modified version of AR to the AR team, but anyone may modify those models specifically released under CC0 and claim it as their own (mentioning the original creator is a matter of education in this case, but it's not required at all);

Q: How will this work ultimately be used?
A: We aren't Warzone staff. Our work isn't directly related to the Warzone 2100 Project, at least yet - we aim for making models that are worthy of replacing the original ones, but if they are or not, it's a decision that should be made by the members of the staff, and I daresay that they won't answer a yes/no to you if you question them about that. It was already discussed some times, and the conclusion was that it's still too early to say anything about that. Again - we do not aim to replace the original graphics as the official releases, we aim for making work that matches any requirements;

We are already aiming to release our work in parts. "Release early, release often" policy will be retaken after we've created the proper Art Revolution topic. We are currently remaking the light bodies, due to forementioned reasons.