Get Involved

Art revolution is the Warzone 2100 mod that you have been looking for!

There are a number of ways you can get involved with the project..


Keep up to date with the latest developments. Download a trunk build »


Install Modeling tools and check out a copy of the 

Models »

Nightly Builds

The fastest way to get a cutting edge version of Art Revolution is to download a trunk build from our server. The Trunk Builds are a deployment build of the trunk directory of the source.


If you are familiar with Warzone 2100 modding you can download a copy of the source, modify it and package your own copy. 

Graphic Designers

We are looking for some talented graphical professionals to help create some eye candy. With the really cool features we have in the pipeline, our mod will be both likeable and intuitive to use.

We already have four modelers and are looking for some more people who can create textures for models.

If you are interested in contributing graphical work, please join the discussions on the fourm and talk to the staff.

Help in the Forum

Feel free to join the discussion on the forum, by posting a question or answering somebody else's question.