The Grand '1.0'

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The Grand '1.0'

Postby Tren » 31 Jul 2010, 19:21

Silly question, I know. (By the way, I've been observing AR for some time on the Warzone 2100 website, and looked through the models on this site, and i'm quite excited and enthusiastic about it's progress. Keep it up! 8-) ) Has 1.0 actually been released? I'm asking because the link in the download page Isn't working, :? it might just be from my end, if it is I apologise, I'm just really eager to see what you all have done.

But yeah, keep the great work and models coming.

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Re: The Grand '1.0'

Postby MaNGusT » 01 Aug 2010, 04:06

Tren wrote:Has 1.0 actually been released?

Nope. sorry.

P.S. Sorry for my English.
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