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Postby MaNGusT » 26 Jan 2012, 01:10

dak180 wrote:Admittedly a big part of having resources kept in publicly readable SCM for most open source projects is to encourage "drive by" contributions/uses by lowering the barriers of entry as much as possible.
It's not the problem that we have such a low number of people who can/want to contribute. The problem is that the wz render engine is outdated, it doesn't have the minimum features which artists/mod makers need today. Also there are no game editors/converters which support all features the game has.
The process from *make a completed game model* to *put it to the game to see how it will look* is terribadly slow, unfriendly and often requires manual *text* editing(artists hate it).

I'm really happy that we have I-Nod, the man who understands it, I'm happy that he's working on adding these minimum features to the game engine, I'm happy that he is working on editor/converter which will help us to put our models to the game much faster and easier than now.

P.S. Sorry for my English.
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